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We specialise in Used Motorcycles at Hard to Beat Prices!

  • We accept payment by many options, including most credit & debit cards accepted!
  • We buy used bikes often, so if you are thinking of selling your bike, just get in contact and speak to us!

Do you have a bike on finance you are thinking of selling?
Are you paying finance on a bike you aren't using, or need to sell, or planning to return to the finance company because you are unable to continue payments? We can buy your bike, settle the outstanding balance with the finance company, and pay you the percentage you own! If you just could not keep up payments, your bike would be taken by the finance company and you would receive nothing. This way you can pay off your debt and get something back for the bike you have been paying for!

For example, if your bike is currently worth 3,000 pounds and you have 1,800 pounds remaining on your finance deal, we could settle the deal with the finance company and get you 1,200 pounds for the part of the bike you have paid off!


Browse our Stock

Browse through our stock in whichever manner best suites you.

We currently have 2 bikes on the website, but if you don't see something that you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call or visit our show room as we may not have had time yet to put the new bikes on the website.